Invite me to speak at your event! Here are some recent speaking engagements to get a flavor of my style. All engagements have received rave reviews.

As an advocate for women in technology, I’ve been sought actively on topic of Women, Technology, Diversity, Program Management and Product Management.  I’m always looking for new opportunities to share my story.  It’s unique, it’s one of grit, ambition and a reminder that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

I’m 4’8’’, shortest in most rooms and the butt of many jokes all my life. Most of my life I’ve been judged by how I look and even before I speak.

I’ve lived in 15 cities in 4 countries. Growing up my friends were an eclectic mix of religions and ethnicities: Indian, Arab, Pakistani, Ethiopian, Jordanian, Moroccan, Malaysian to name a few. Early on, I learned we are all human and made from the same fabric even if we look, talk and act differently. The years of adapting to different cultures has paid dividends throughout my life.

My family raised me to think critically, question the status quo, ignore the noise and follow my heart. Sheer will, determination and grit were expected. We lived by the motto “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”And it has helped me succeed in a the heavily male dominated world of technology, a world where I am not only different, but expectations that are set for me are much higher than my counterparts.

It would be an honor to share my story.

Below is a list of sample topics that I’ve presented on.


  • The Power of Being Different
  • Building a high performing team
  • Empowering women leaders in program and product management

Product management

  • Converting Product Strategy into Action
  • 10 tips on how to be an awesome product leader
  • Strategies for Stakeholder Management
  • Product Management vs Program Management
  • Importance of a Diverse Product Team
  • How do Product Roadmapping effectively

Program management

  • How to run an effective scaled agile PMO
  • Growing up from Project Management into Program/Portfolio Management

Agile / Scrum, Software Development Methodologies

  • “Do your Job” philosophy for driving digital transformation
  • Driving cultural change in a distributed organization

Artificial Intelligence

  • Converting AI Business Strategy into Action
  • AI for Product Managers

Event Logistics

Here are some event logistics support I expect for any speaking engagement:

  • You will provide laptop, projector and mouse clicker
  • You will provide any tech support to get us online and ready at the event site
  • You will provide headcount before the event
  • You will ensure facility as working internet
  • I provide slides via Google link
  • I will be recording the session and follow up discussion to share as my media – please ensure your attendees are aware of recording.
  • I will provide a stellar talk and a memorable learning experience for your audience
  • Variable rates available. Contact me to discuss.

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