GOPR0451.JPGLeadership Vibes is a podcast dedicated to a candid conversation on leadership, diversity and inclusion.  The idea behind this podcast is to showcase different threads, ideas, viewpoints and thinking on leadership, diversity and inclusion, especially that highlighting while we may be from different backgrounds, different countries, speak different languages, we may work in different industries, have different job functions, different job titles, work in profit or non profit, but we all are made of the same human fabric.

Leadership Vibes, Episode 2, March 6,  2017

headshot_sqOur second speaker for the show is Ina Coveney. She  is a close personal friend and someone I admire deeply. Ina is from Venezuela, based in Boston, has a Computer Science major from University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Boston College.  Her background includes working in technology for more than a decade including stints at GE, Mass General Hospital and Cogito Corporation. She has also been running her side business of building websites for 6 years now! Ina just quit her corporate job and jumped into the entrepreneurship world fulltime. Her company is dedicated to women finding their passions and building their brand.  Ina has been super gracious to our listeners and is offering her free 6 page guide on how to turn your passions into $$$$! Find it here!

Take a listen to the podcast here! I am sure you’ll be as impressed as I am. You can find more info about her at her website here. and can find her on Linkedin here.

Leadership Vibes, Episode 1, February 6, 2017

aarti woodsOur first guest speaker is Aarti Ranganathan. She is a Senior Manager with Capital One’s Auto Finance team based in Dallas, leading sales design strategy. Her experience includes working in strategy and analytics in financial services. She also holds an MBA from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her English Lab named Duke, reading, and travelling the world. You can find her LinkedIn profile here. Take a listen to her thoughts here or on iTunes.


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