Its a small small world

Ever thought how connected we are in the 21st century…?

I am sure we all use the latest technologies to keep us in touch with our loved ones.. but how many times do you stop and think how far we’ve come along in the last 10 years. A good book that recaps the forces the globalization is The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman…. Its a must read for any Globerati!

This shrinking of time and space has led me to believe that living 7000 miles away from home doesn’t change much in this a high connected world. Yes, its low touch and its heart wrenching not to be close to family on special occasions, but the distances measured in human miles is overcome the fact that the world is now at at your fingertips.

One thought on “Its a small small world

  1. ya…i liked ‘world is flat’ too…a little too sensationalized mayb…but an entertaining read nevertheless….but the part abt the middle kind of pissed me off…he makes it sound so backward…so i actually wrote him an email…he probably never read it…made me feel a whole lot better though.

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