WIT Regatta – Bleeding Edge Technologies Panel

Angela participated in a panel organized by Women in Tech Regatta on “The Story of Bleeding Edge Technologies“.

The event was well attended by a full house of over 200 amazing women and men.

Here is a snippet or Angela’s responses to the panelist questions and other pictures from the event.

More event pictures can be found here.

Angela has also just written an article titled “How to prepare for a panel, deliver gracefully and still me a firecracker”

Much thanks to:

Nathalie Steinmetz of She’s Coding to organize the panel,

Elizabeth Scallon of CoMotion Labs to moderate the panel,

Sombilon Studios for the action shots,

Melody Biringer to bring the event to Seattle,

And various sponsors like Google, Expedia, Nordstrom Technology, Capital One to name a few.