Essentials of Product Roadmapping

Angela had the privilege to present to a packed house at the Pioneer Collective with Product School on the “Essentials of Roadmapping”. Brief snippet here. Full video coming soon!

The talk got a 5 star ratingfrom the audience and superb commentary on it being “awesome, useful, practical, high energy, concise, immediately applicable, focused and presented thoughtfully”! Video testimonials will be posted soon!

Companies in the room : Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Expedia, Inc. , Tmobile Phone Zone, Prudential Financial, TierPoint, Guidant Financial, AT&T, State of Washington & more.

This was a paid event. Event details are below. To connect with Angela on speaking engagements, please use the contact form


Product road mapping is an art, one that requires a strong pulse on the state of the business, your customers and stakeholders. Road maps are meant to provide a clear path towards reaching the business objectives giving transparency and predictability to anyone involved on the team. But how often have you heard “Hey, we are agile, we don’t need a roadmap”; or the opposite “Hey, this feature was on the roadmap, but why haven’t you delivered?”. In this session, you will learn how to handle both of these situations and everything in between, by diving deep into the basics of how to conduct road mapping sessions. This session is based on practical learnings from running road mapping sessions with very large teams, several times a year, for many years.

Main takeaways:
-Importance of road maps and common challenges
-Overview of various levels of planning, such as, product plan, product road map, backlog, release plan
-Step by step understanding of how to run a collaborative road mapping session
-Do’s and don’ts of an effective session
-How to measure your success
-What happens after road mapping